Tradition With A Twist

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The precious and semi-precious stones are crocheted and stitched together to form a new man-made stone which do not necessarily conform to the normal economy of scale. Ring shanks entwine around the finger and then extend onwards to encapsulate the clusters of stones. The stones are then ‘set’ in a claw setting which is an integral part of the ring shank – 1 piece of continuous wire forms the entire ring.

The ‘continuous claw setting’ is something I developed in 1997 as a response to the limitations of not having a soldering torch available, so instead I began saw-piercing the end of the wire into 4 claws for the stone to be then set within Innovation sometimes springs from adversity!

The hegemony of traditional jewellery comes under scrutiny in my work, thereby questioning the authority of this language.If traditional jewellery is a meta-narrative of fixed and stable values, then the work aims to challenge this meta-narrative and any notion of a coherent representation, deconstructing supposedly immutable standards of aesthetic judgement with a wry twist.